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Turning Ideas into Action!
You can take action to save tropical rainforests and coral reefs by participating in our Adoption programs. Thousands of concerned people from around the world have helped us raise more than $4.7 million for the direct protection and preservation of endangered habitats. Join our friends who have helped raise money and become one of our eco-heroes.

Inspiring Ideas for Fundraising and Helping the Planet
With a creative twist, you can make a bake sale or penny drive into one that focuses on conservation for our planet.

  • Recycle - Recycling aluminum cans is a good way to conserve our natural resources and can help raise money towards protecting wildlife and helping climate change. Name your project Two cans for Toucans, every $. 25 cents you raise will save 90 square feet of rainforest! 

  • Build Bird Nest Boxes and Have a Sale – Make your own native bird nest boxes from local wildlife nature center directions and sell them to raise funds for habitat protection for migratory species that need habitat locally here in the United States and throughout their trip to Latin American to tropical forests during our winter. Birds need to feed on insects all the way down during their migratory trip. Homestead School and elementary school in New York state raised $5,000 selling Bluebird Nest Boxes!

  • Plant a native plant pollinator garden or wildlife garden in your backyard, neighborhood or schoolyard. Have fun observing all the neat insects and other wildlife that visit the flowers that you planted. Learn more

  • Plant an organic vegetable garden in your backyard, neighborhood or schoolyard. Have fun harvesting, cooking and and eating all the delicious things you have grown. Have fun observing the neat insects that visit your garden.

  • Measuring Success – How many pennies would it take to measure an acre of rainforest? First you need to know that one acre is 4,840 sq. feet, or approximately 70 by 70 yards. Line up enough pennies to equal one yard. How many did you count? Now figure out how many it would take to outline one acre (70 yds by 70 yds). See if you and your class, or school can raise enough pennies to measure out an acre.boyswithnet

  • Collect Change – You can make a difference just by collecting pennies! Come up with ways to collect change at your school with a theme like “Nickels for Nature” or “Pennies for Panthera.” (Nature note: Panthera onca is the latin name for jaguar, the largest feline in South America.)

  • Make and sell Buttons  or Magnets– A Philadelphia Elementary School raised $90 by selling handmade “Save the Rainforest” buttons that they colored themselves. The second graders at Reed School in California made magnets using rainforest art, sold them around town and raised $1,100 to save acres in Costa Rica. 

  • Have a Read-a-thon – Ross School, CA, hosted a Rainforest Read-a-thon and raised $1,290!

  • Bake Sale – Make your bake sale something special by making Tropical Treats. Using nuts found in the rainforest like cashews, Brazil nuts, etc. Make and sell your own “rainforest munch.” Don’t forget that chocolate and vanilla also originates from the rainforests.

  • Gorillas Need Your Cell Phones

Send us your creative ideas to add to our list!

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