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Habitat destruction is the greatest threat to wildlife today. Wildlife and wild places cannot survive without the preservation and protection of habitat.

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Below is one of our favorite stories about students taking action to save nature. Click here to learn how you can take action, too: Take action!

homesteadHomestead School
The story of Homestead School is like no other. Every year since 1991, each kindergarten, first and second grade child at the Homestead School saves one acre of rainforest. The school believes the students should know nature as well as they know their ABC’s or colors. And they do! They foster awareness of global environmental issues beyond their own backyards as they develop a lifelong respect for the beauty of nature. One year they built 500 Bluebird nest boxes to help the local Bluebird populations that were in decline and sold the houses to raise $5,000 to purchase rainforest habitat in Costa Rica – truly the best local global project ever.
To date the students and Homestead School have raised more than $128,000 for the purchase and protection of rainforests in Central and South America. You can see their video Saving Rainforest Is For The Birds (go to SaveNature.Org’s Marketplace).

The Homestead School is the A student of conservation – each child as well as the community has been touched significantly by each year's projects with the knowledge they are improving or protecting the environment.

Homestead Kids in the News

“Homestead Kids’ Art Saves Rainforests”

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