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Adopt A Reef

You can be a hero for the earth and start saving nature today! When you Adopt Reefs through our website, you will help protect some of the most threatened marine environments on Earth.

Two Sites to Save!

Did you know coral reefs occupy less than 1% of the ocean, yet more than 25% of all marine life is found there? Adopt A Reef and you will protect all the coral reefs, fishes, and people in Palau, Micronesia and the Dominican Republic. The reef projects ensure that corals, the largest living structures on the planet, will continue to be home to the greatest diversity of life on Earth. deeds 


With each donation, you will help save precious coral reef habitat and receive a personalized deed with your name or someone else’s name.

For every acre of coral reef saved, you will protect:

1/1000green turtle
1/100tiger shark
1/10blacktip shark
30parrot fishes
50sea stars
200,000feather duster worms

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