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Kunene Region Protected Area, Namibia

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The country of Namibia possesses rare qualities which makes it an ideal location for conservation. With the world’s second lowest human population density, the Kunene Region desert hosts some of the last remaining large populations of migratory African mammal species. The Kunene Region Protected Area lies between two important conservation sites – Etosha National Park and Skeleton Coast National Park. Support of the Kunene Region would provide an important linkage between these two national parks and better protect the annual migratory route of these animals as they trek across these aridlands. These three sites once linked together will create one of the largest conservation areas in the world.

SaveNature.Org is working with in-country partners, World Wildlife Fund-Namibia and the Integrated Rural Development Nature Conservation (IRDNC) which have created an innovative approach to conservation that inspires community stewardship of wildlife, engaging over 230,000 community members and covering 30 million acres of prime habitat.

Namibia has declared the Kunene Region Protected Area "The People's Park". Previous conservation plans excluded the native people whom had been living in the Kunene desert for generations, but the Kunene Region Protected Area will not fence the borders and has a "contractual conservation agreements" to accommodate the needs of the local people. The Regional Conservation Assessment will locate ideal sites for land corridors that connect habitat and not conflict with human land uses. These corridors, composed of village communities and private reserve lands, will keep the black rhino, desert lion, desert elephant and many other species at sustainable population numbers.

Your donation will provide vital support to improve these last remaining wild populations of animals and quality of life for communities that live there.



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Help us protect the cheetah and the black rhinoceros. Join the thousands of school children, teachers, zoos, aquariums, natural history museums and businesses who are working with SaveNature.Org to save the vast desert ecosystem in Kunene.

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