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Habitat destruction is the greatest threat to wildlife today. Wildlife and wild places cannot survive without the preservation and protection of habitat.

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To date, through the efforts of 150 institutions and 2,700 schools nationwide, reaching more than 80 million children and adults, SaveNature.Org has raised awareness and more than $3.9. million for ecosystem protection to save wildlife and wild places. SaveNature.Org works in 11 countries to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth.

 Our current and past projects are:

  • Kunene Conservation Area, Namibia 50,000 acres of a 1.5 million acre new park (2008-continuing)
  • Guanacaste National Park, Costa Rica 282,500 acres (1988-continuing)
  • Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica- add 2000 hectares to existing park (2000-continuing)
  • Chagres National Park, Panama, Panama Canal Watershed project (1993-continuing)
  • Maya Bioshphere, Guatemala 6,900 acres- add to 6 million acres (1993-continuing)
  • Patanal National Park, Brazil (1997-continuing)
  • Palau Marine Reserve, Micronesia (1996-continuing)
  • Parque Nacional Del Este, Dominican Republic (1995-continuing)
  • Komodo National Park (Marine Reserve), Indonesia (1996-continuing)
  • Andros Nationa Park, Bahamas (2006- continuing)
  • Gandoca-Manzanillo Conservation Area, ANAI, Inc. (2003-continuing)
  • Amboro National Park, Bolivia (1993-2008 completed)
  • Pacaya-Samiria National Park 4 million acres (1993-2008 completed)
  • Rio Bravo Conservation Area, Belize 182,000 acres (1991 completed)
  • Talamanca-Caribbean Biological Corridor, Costa Rica (1993-1999 completed)
  • La Amistad National Park 480,00acre site (1990-1992 completed)
  • Mammals of South America by Louise Emmons (Spanish edition)   
  • Fundacion Amigos Naturaleza 1999 contributed funds for publication

SaveNature.Org has received the:

  • World Wildlife Fund’s Conservation Award 
  • The National Environmental Awards Council 
  • Certificate of Environmental Achievement 
  • Congressional Recognition from the United States Congress
  • Outstanding Contribution to Conservation from The Nature Conservancy. 

Our programs have been highlighted in:

  • ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings
  • National Geographic Magazine 
  • Newsweek
  • Time
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • Scholastic News
  • National Geo-Kid 
  • and local print and news media such as Bay Area Backroads, Evening Magazine, View From the Bay and numerous news television programs.


We present over 800 hands-on outreach programs with live insects annually in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to teach children about biological diversity conservation.


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